Monday, May 9, 2016

Recycling old cans

Recycle old cans into reusable plant holders!
By taking your leftover food cans out of the recycling bin and bringing out some paint you can easily create a new plant holder. They work great  in the kitchen as herb plant holders and, with white-board labels new plants can easily be added and the label can be changed.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Decorative white board

Have any outdated art work hanging around the house? 
In a few easy steps turn your unwanted artwork into a useful decoration!
  1. Start with taking your picture out of the frame and disposing of it.
  2. Then decorate your frame in whatever way your heart desires. (The frame above was lightly painted with a blue color to give a rustic look. )
  3. Then put your dry erase decals  and pictures on the glass. Once you have everything laid out peel and stick your decals on, then adhere your pictures.
  4. Now you should have a new piece of art work to hang up or  to give as a gift!